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General Data Protection Regulation Terms

In the context of the validity of the new EU Regulation. for the protection of personal data that is already in effect from May 25, 2018, and in order to be legal in accordance with the new legislative regulations, we have updated our company's Privacy Policy, according to which, the content of the information/ of your personal data that will come to our knowledge and use. We believe that you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and we also believe that you should have substantial control over it.


By using our services, you are deemed to agree to this revision/update/modification of our Privacy Policy, which concerns the Privacy Policy and includes:
• More focus on the controls we offer you over your personal data,
• More focus on how shares your personal data,
• More transparency and control over how we share your data with our relevant business partners, and
• More clarity about how we share your data to prevent harm, comply with the law, serve the public interest and keep safe and welcoming for all its users.

Remember that you can use the controls we highlight in this notice to limit the information we collect about you or how it is used. You can also choose to deactivate your account. You have the final say on whether and how we process your personal data. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
You hereby declare that you have been informed of the terms and conditions for the protection of your personal data, you accept and give your consent to their electronic processing by, in the manner and for the purpose described in the Privacy Policy. Also, the new Terms of Use have extensive information about the services we provide.


The personal data sent voluntarily through the contact form, i.e. name and electronic address (e-mail), and as additional information the subject and personalized content of the message related to one or more of the provided services mentioned on our website, i.e. XATZHBILADERIS KOSTAS & ZOIS, are NOT stored in electronic databases, are NOT collected, processed, managed, made available for any purpose and by any natural or legal person and in particular that of commercial analysis/exploitation and are used only to process communication between visitors to the website and our company XATZHBILADERIS KOSTAS & ZOIS. They are deleted immediately after the answer. The data will NEVER be displayed on any publicly accessible website or given to third parties.

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